New Appointment Process

Please collect and send all documents below in one package to the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars, 502 Main Building.

  1. Request for Appointment Form
  2. Staff Personal Action Form
  3. If needed, the completed J-1 Information Form (I am the contact in the "For Department Only" section at the bottom of the form. Diana Dickson, 1-8208, If the new J1 scholar appointment is for a duration of 6 months or less, the following additional form is required: Short-Term Scholar Form
  4. Copy of current CV or resume in English
  5. For international appointments, a copy of appointee's and any accompanying family members' ID photo page in passport
  6. For J1’s, Proof of Funding if ND is not paying the appointee (The minimum funding requirements are located on page 3 of the J-1 Information Form.)
  7. Proof of Degree (not required for Senior Research Associate, Visiting Scholar or Research Visitor.)
  8. If an Intent to Hire letter has been signed it must accompany the Request for Appointment
  9. Completed H1B packet submitted to General Counsel for H1B visa types.
  10. PLEASE NOTE: If the appointment is for two (2) years you will need to provide two (2) Staff Personal Action Forms.  One for each year of the appointment.