Postdoc Women's Committee

Postdoc Women’s Committee Members

  • Chun-Mei Chiu
    Environmental Change Initiative & Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
    1400 East Angela Boulevard, Unit 117 & 120 F Cushing Hall
    Areas of interest: construction a century long record of the Midwest and Great Lakes meteorological dataset, hydrological variables influenced by artificial subsurface drainage, carbon dynamic with agriculture drainage application
  • Myrthe Faber
    Department of Psychology
    203 Haggar Hall
    Areas of interest: Cognitive science. I work on the intersection of psychology, linguistics and machine learning to establish how the structure of text and visual events affects how we attend to and remember information.
  • Tyvette S. Hilliard
    Harper Cancer Research Institute, A202 Harper Hall
    Research interests:association between obesity and ovarian cancer metastasis and the role of mesothelin on ovarian tumor cell adhesion.
  • Juliane Hopf
    Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
    112 Cushing Hall
    Areas of interest: interactions of bacteria with cadmium in natural environments, microbe-mineral interactions, biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology
  • Tara D. Hudson
    Center for Social Concerns
    225 Geddes Hall
    Areas of interest: college student prosocial learning and development; experiences of women and postdoctoral scholars within higher education institutions; higher education’s role in promoting social justice and equity
  • Nydia Morales-Soto
    Senior Research Scientist, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
    Eck Institute for Global Health, 112J Cushing Hall
    Areas of interest: bacterial motility; biofilm formation; metabolite production; gene regulation; antibiotic resistance; in situ imaging; interdisciplinary research; undergraduate and graduate student learning, mentoring, and research; opportunities for women in research and academia; engaging children in STEM learning experiences
  • McKenzie Rees
    Mendoza College of Business
    Areas of interest: Ethical behavior, gender issues in the workplace, negotiation, leadership
  • (Julia) Xuejuan Tan
    ​Department of Biological Sciences
    Harper Cancer Research Institute, A121 Harper Hall
    ​Areas of interest: cancer biology​
  • Angélica Vázquez-Ortega
    Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences
    156 Fitzpatrick Hall
    Areas of interest: Transport and fate of contaminants in low temperature systems