Income Tax Assistance for Internationals

All online appointments for nonresident aliens and all appointments of resident aliens prior to 4/15/2013 have been committed to clients.

All those needing tax return preparation assistance for 2012 and before should send an email to for:


  1. Requesting an extension of time to file (the form extends the filing date to 10/15/2013); tax payers who have filed this form will have their returns filed after 4/15 recognized as filed on time.
  2. To request that form be prepared for them, each tax payer should send a request for that help to by no later than 4/11/2013.  The request for the form must be mailed and dated by 4/15 or before.  We need the time required to file the forms.
  3. Anyone needing this assistance should make the request immediately. 


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