Postdoctoral policy modified: Deans may delegate appointment approvals to Department Chairs

Effective May 2013, the University's Academic Council approved a modification to the Policy for Postdoctoral Appointments allowing deans to delegate approval for postdoctoral scholars and other non-faculty appointments to department chairs. The revised policy is available on the website's Policies, Procedures & Guidelines page.

What will continue to require Dean-level approval, as described on the policy, are the following:


  • For postdoctoral scholars only, a total term of appointment exceeding five years, or six years in the case of extraordinary circumstances such as a change of field or change of institution. This maximum term includes cumulative postdoctoral research experience.
  • Appointments that are less than full-time, with full-time defined as at least three quarter-time.



  • Salaries that are significantly above or below the expected range for a discipline as determined by the department head.
  • Requests for salary increase other than at the contract renewal date, requests for reappointment with no increase, or requests for a merit increase significantly above current University guidelines.
  • Outside employment and additional compensation for an individual holding a full-time appointment.
  • Any request for additional pay for services from the University of Notre Dame, above the appointment stipend.



  • A grievance, where the matter cannot be resolved with the appointee, the faculty mentor/supervisor and the department chair.
  • Any request for an involuntary termination within the appointment period.
  • Approval for a suspension with pay pending a dismissal.



  • Approval to serve as the PI of a grant, except when the externally funded program requires that the appointee be listed as a PI or Co-PI.
  • The number, type and level of courses taught by a postdoctoral appointee.


As the appointment process for postdoctoral scholars is also used for other non-faculty research appointments, we propose that this delegation for recommendation of appointments apply to the appointment process for all non-faculty research positions. These include:

  • Postdoctoral Scholars (including Teaching Scholars)
  • Research Associates
  • Visiting Scholars
  • Research Visitors (visiting students)
  • Teachers in Training (RET)
  • Senior Research Associates