The Postdoc Handbook is a comprehensive resource. Click here for a PDF version of the Postdoc Handbook.


Where can I find benefit details such as vacation days, health or dental benefits, or educational benefits?

Click here if you are a benefits-eligible appointee (Senior Research Associate, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Research Fellow, and Teaching Scholar) or here if you are not a benefits-eligible appointee (ND Research Associate, Externally Funded Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Visitor, Visiting Scholar, and unpaid Senior Research Associate).

What is the difference between a NetID and a NDID?

Your NetID is the logon ID used to check email and to log on to other University services. Each individual has a unique NetID that is a combination of the first letter of their first name and all or a portion of their last name. Some NetIDs also contain a number.

Your ndID number is the primary identifier assigned to you by the Office of the Registrar. This nine-digit number begins with “901”.  Your ndID number is listed on your Notre Dame ID card.

How do I obtain my NetID and set my password?

To obtain your NetID and set up your password, go to http://oit.nd.edu/netid  and follow the prompts. You will need your ndID number and your date of birth to complete this process.

As an International Visitor must I file a tax return?

All international visitors must file a tax or information return, even if they did not earn income. The Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s Tax Assistance Program provides free tax assistance for international visitors. For more information, visit the Tax Assistance Program website or email taptax@nd.edu

As a Postdoc can I purchase football tickets?

Postdocs may purchase football tickets by visiting Human Resources, 200 Grace Hall and requesting a letter of eligibility.  You will need to present this letter at the ticket office located in the Purcell Pavilion Lobby 8:30 – 5:00, Monday – Friday.

Can I hire an Externally Funded Postdoc if they are self paid?

The University does not allow a postdoc to self-pay as this would in essence make them a volunteer.  Employment law does not allow volunteers to be put in a position we would normally pay someone.

Externally Funded Postdocs must be funded directly by an outside organization or institution and must provide proof of such funding.

What is the current fringe rate for postdoc appointments?

Please click here to check the current fringe rate for Notre Dame Postdocs.

Fringe rate is set by the University and is paid by the department whether or not a Postdoc elects to receive the University insurance.

Our Research Visitor has recently received their PhD.  Can I move them to a Postdoc position?

Yes, you should move a recent PhD to a Postdoc position as soon as possible.  To do this you will need:

  1. Proof of degree
  2. New SPAF with new position P99805 and new salary is applicable.  Note in the comment section this visitor is now becoming a postdoc. NOTE: If the visitor is on a J1 visa their salary and end date must remain the same or a new DS-2019 will be need to be prepared.
  3. The Postdoc Office will prepare a new appointment letter for the postdoc to sign.

Our Postdoc will be teaching.  How do I get approval for the Registrar’s Office to add them as teacher of record?

At the department’s request, the Postdoc Office will contact the Registrar’s Office with the official approval.

I am a J1 scholar who will be traveling outside the United States.  Do I need to notify the University of my travel?

Yes, J1 scholars and J2 dependents must have their DS-2019 forms signed before traveling outside the United States if you intent to return to the University.  This signature can be obtained in the International Scholar and Student Affairs Office, 105 Main Building between the hours of 1:00 – 5:00, Monday-Friday.  The signature is good for travel up to one year.

How do I order business cards?

You should check with your department regarding business cards.