Attend April 11 Core Facilities Fair: Services & instrumentation available to ND researchers


A Core Facilities Fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, April 11, in the Jordan Hall of Science Galleria will showcase specialty services and instrumentation available on campus to researchers in support of their work.

Organizers hope to attract faculty, postdoctoral associates, graduate students, undergraduates and others to interact with core facility personnel, the first time so many facilities’ offerings have been gathered in one place. “We’re going to have booths set up,” says Kara Primmer, a grants business management consultant in the Office of Research. “It will be like a vendor fair. People can come and talk to the core facility personnel about the services they have to offer.”

Exhibitors, including the CORES software program, will hand out one-page descriptions of their services and lists of personnel. “People can walk away with something from each of those booths,” says Melanie DeFord, director of grants business management. “It’s amazing to me that people on campus don’t know what we have.”

While many people are aware of the longstanding Mass Spetrometry and Proteomics Facility, many other such services are less widely known, she says. “They may not know that anything else exists for them,” DeFord says. “We’re hoping that with some good promotion of this facility fair we can get the people who actually use them to know of the many offerings on the campus.”

Article originally featured in the March 21, 2013 issue of NDWorks. Download PDF >>