Intent to Offer Letter

Intent to Offer Letter (Word Document; last updated July 2023) 

A note about the Intent to Offer letter:

The appointment letter for postdoctoral scholars is issued by the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs and constitutes the employment contract between the candidate of interest and the University. The appointment letter is issued after receipt and processing of the complete appointment package. When applicable the DS-2019 visa application is provided to the postdoctoral scholar with the appointment letter. 

It is useful to provide the candidate of interest a formal communication indicating the intent to offer the postdoctoral position in advance of the official appointment letter. This sample letter should be used for this purpose and may be issued/signed by the supervising faculty member, with a signed copy provided to the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs.  Do not modify the terms of this sample letter without seeking input and approval of the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs first.