Two to Four Weeks

Getting Started: 2 to 4 Weeks on Campus

Faculty Mentor

□   Meet with your Faculty Mentor to develop your research and training plan

o    Understand your mentor’s expectations and your responsibilities

o    Get information about success measures for your postdoc position and set goals with your mentor

o    Discuss how you and your mentor will communicate: what is his/her preference, pattern and frequency of communication

Postdoc Policy and Procedures

□   Become familiar with the Notre Dame Postdoctoral Policy and Procedures

International Postdocs

□   Apply for a Social Security Number (SSN)

□   Provide Social Security Number to Human Resources

□   Protecting Your Social Security Number

□   Practices to Avoid:

o    Never list an SSN when posting a paper record on a public bulletin board

o    Never send SSNs via electronic format

o    Never have a computer login system where a person must use their  SSN

o    Never use SSNs on ID cards

o    Never send SSNs on postcards

o    Never store SSNs on unprotected computer systems

o    Never carry a SSN card on your person

To print this checklist, click 2 to 4 Week Checklist