Ending an Appointment


When an appointment ends you will need to separate him/her from the University. 

 All Appointments

  • Complete the Separation Form  - on the Human Resources website. For Postdoctoral Research Associates (P99805), Externally Funded Postdoctoral Research Associates (P99792), and Teaching Scholars (P99803) please provide information on where their career is taking them next in the comment section.  If the appointment is ending early the appointee will need to submit a letter of resignation to the department.  This letter must accompany the Separation Form.

J1 Appointments

  • Scholars must notify ISSA of their departure (and the permanent departure of any dependents) or transfer to another institution via the J-1 Scholar or Dependent Departure Form on ISSAlink.  Go to ISSALINK.nd.edu, sign in with your NetID and password, and complete the form found on the left under J Scholar.  
  • Scholars departing at the predetermined end date of their appointment or who have dependents departing prior to the appointment end date must notify the ISSA office by updating in the Scholar Early Termination tab on ISSAlink.  ISSA will notify the J1 scholar that their appointment is ending and provide a link to this form.

Any other visa status