New Appointment Process

Please collect and send all documents below in one package to the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars, 502 Main Building.

Step 1:  Determine the correct Appointment Description and that it will go through The Office for Postdoctoral Scholars. All postdoc and non-faculty appointments go through the Postdoc Office; all faculty appointments go through the Provost Office.

Step 2:  Complete and submit the Immigration Request Form to the General Counsel's office at If it is determined that a J-1 visa is appropriate, departments will work with ISSA and follow the steps below. Please wait for a determination from General Counsel before moving to the next step.

To complete Step 2, you will need digital copies (only PDF, JPG, BMP, or PNG formats accepted) of the following documents to upload for the Department Information form:   

  • scholar’s current CV or resume in English
  • You will need to inform the scholar that she or he will need digital copies (only PDF, JPG, BMP, or PNG formats accepted) of the following documents to upload for the J-1 Applicant Information form:

any previous DS-2019’s, especially if the scholar is transferring from another program or school.

Step 3: Submit the following documentation to Diana Dickson, 1-8208, in the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars (

  • Scholar’s CV/resume in English
  • Completed Immigration Form from General Counsel
  • Copy of scholar’s passport
  • Proof of Degree (not required for Senior Research Associate, Visiting Scholar or Research Visitor.)
  • Request for Appointment Form Request for Appointment Form
  • Staff Personnel Action Form  Staff Personnel Action Form
  • If an Intent to Hire letter has been signed it must accompany the Request for Appointment
  • Now you are ready to request the DS-2019. Go to to provide access to the J-1 Applicant Information form to the scholar and complete the Department Information form. New Scholar Request instructions can be found here.
  • Completed H1B packet submitted to General Counsel for H1B visa types.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If the appointment is for two (2) years you will need to provide two (2) Staff Personnel Action Forms.  One for each year of the appointment.

In order to begin the J-1 Application for a New Exchange Visitor, an NDid number is required for the J-1 Scholar. To have an NDid number, all requirements listed in Steps 1 & 2 must be met. The Postdoc Office will provide the NDid number upon receipt of the Scholar’s signed letter. The Banner record and NDid will not be accessible in ISSAlink until the day after the NDid is assigned.