Reappointment Process

Reappointment Process (5/9/22)

Step 1: Complete and submit the Immigration Request Form for International Employees/Visitors – found on the International Student and Scholar Affairs website.  If you have any questions about this form, please contact ISSA at

  • Proof of funding if ND is not paying the J1 scholar (The minimum funding requirements can be found here)
  • Copy of the information page of Scholar’s passport
  • Copies of the information pages of all dependents’ (spouse and children under 21) passports (if coming with the scholar)
  • Any previous DS-2019’s (if the scholar has held a J-1 visa before), especially if the scholar is transferring from another program or school

    Please wait for a determination from ISSA before moving on to step 2.

Step 2: For paid positions, submit a Personnel Actions entry through InsideND. See HR for details. All unpaid appointments will be processed by the Postdoc Office. For all unpaid appointments, a Request for Appointment Form will need to be submitted to Diana Dickson.

Step 3: Once the scholar’s signed letter is received by the Postdoc Office, Diana Dickson will upload it into ISSA Link. ISSA will then contact the scholar when the new DS-2019 is ready for pick up.

Step 4:  If a request for reappointment is beyond the 5 year appointment limit for a Postdoctoral Scholar (or 6 year appointment limit for a Postdoctoral Scholar who did part of their postdoc at another university), the department must complete the Request for Extension of Appointment of a Postdoctoral Scholar Form. and submit it to the Postdoc Office?